Off-the-Shelf and Custom Options for Maximum Flexibility and Reliability

Adams Rite Aerospace has been producing mechanical and electronic designs drains for use in aircraft lavatories and galleys for over 60 years.  We provide off the shelf and custom designed versions for use on commercial aircraft, executive aircraft and military transport aircraft.  We have and can supply a variety of sink drain configurations to fit the many unique applications that exist.  Our sink drains include the drain valve, flange assembly and rod actuation assembly.  Drains can be plated if desired.  This allows us to offer our customers a turnkey faucet and drain assembly solution for their lavatory and galley applications. 

All our drains provide basic features required in an aircraft sink.  They provide the necessary seal to keep water in the sink basin.  They are always spring-loaded to the closed position to prevent “whistling” from airflow resulting from the differential air pressure between the cabin and outside the aircraft.  This also helps maintain cabin pressure on smaller aircraft where even a minimal loss of cabin air pressure can have an impact on their ability to maintain a comfortable cabin air pressure level.  All are DO-160 tested.

Off the Shelf Options

Custom Options

DO-160 Tested

Over 60 Years Experience

Drain Products Features



  • Drain rod on faucet
  • Remote drain rod/drain button

Electrical (solenoid driven)

  • Remote mounted switch
  • Automatic
  • Programmed to activate after use of electronic faucet
  • Level sensing that will open automatically.


Physical Properties


  • Brass designs are still available and remain popular for their durability. This would typically be the body casting. Poppet and flange would be stainless.
  • Composite body designs provide durability, lighter weight and improved corrosion resistance.


  • Type and size can be customized
  • Outlet location can be customized
    • Straight down
    • Angled down
    • A specific clocking
    • Adjustable clocking


  • We offer traditional pop up poppets.
  • We offer traditional pop up poppets with anti-theft option.
  • We offer internal poppets. These include a screen at the flange location. This catches debris (typically from paper towels in the lavatory) and prevents it from interfering with poppet closure. When poppets collect debris, they can no longer close properly. Water retention can thus be compromised and cabin air can create a whistling noise.


  • We offer removable screens on some drains. These are primarily designed for galley use to prevent any galley debris from being washed into the drain. These screens can be removed and emptied once full.


Fluid Control and Water Systems Brochure

Sink Drain with Disposable Screen Brochure

AR9361 Hybrid Drain Option Brochure