The Adams Rite Aerospace water system is self-contained and can be customized to any aircraft.

We have a long history of success in providing modular pump driven water systems for a variety of aircraft platforms and have delivered and deployed well over 1,000 designs in the last 25 years.  Our market share continues to grow with these unique, custom-designed systems that provide improved performance, proven reliability, low acquisition costs, improved maintainability, self-monitoring system health, reduced weight and ease of installation.  Each system is customized to the application yet capitalizes on existing designs. Systems typically are used in the passenger lavatories, galleys and crew lavatories.  We also offer gravity feed systems, coffee/water warmers, min-water systems and other non-palletized components.

The Adams Rite Advantage
Our system can work with or without bleed-air and includes an independent tank. The system is integrated onto a pallet, making it easy and fast to install. ARA currently has these systems flying on passenger aircraft of Bombardier, Cessna and Embraer as well as Boeing freighters.  These systems can supply the water requirements for passenger-to-cargo conversions, saving carriers significant space and weight, with minimal installation.

Self Contained Design & Pre-Tested

High Reliability & Easy Maintenance

Plug & Play for Reduced Installation Time

Customizable Lightweight and Flexible Designs

Product Features

  • Fully-encompassing water system
  • Conformal tanks can conform to almost any area
  • LRU-maintainable
  • Can also include faucets, drains, gray water tanks to provide full lavatory solution
  • Qualified for business jets & helicopters
  • Ships ready for installation with all necessary system components
  • System is ready to install with system electronics and water-tight integrity intact
  • Can also provide system redundancy


Adams Rite Aerospace Water Systems Datasheet

Fluid Control and Water Systems Brochure