Adams Rite Aerospace has provided throttle quadrants, control wheels, landing gear controls, miscellaneous interior latches, oxygen controls, crew seat controls, pitot system drains and fire T-handles for fighters, trainers and transport aircraft.

Adams Rite has also provided miscellaneous support in the form of latches on missiles, drones, drone control sticks, unique electronics drawers for use on ballistic submarines, patented hardware for use on electronic cabinets in launch control of ballistic submarines.

Products in Defense:

  • Cockpit Door:
    • Cockpit Door Locking System
  • Cockpit:
    • Pilot Controls
    • Oxygen Systems
    • Throttle Quadrant
    • Landing Gear Control
    • Trim Switches
    • Fire T-Handles
    • Steering Controls
  • Exterior Hardware:
    • Multi-Point Latching Systems
    • Exterior Handles
  • Lavatory:
    • Water Systems
    • Faucets
    • Drains
    • Latches
    • Valves
  • Pitot System Drain Bottle
  • Speed Brakes
  • Flap Controls
  • Gun & Chaff/Flare Dispenser Safety Switch
  • Interior Handles
  • Troop Seat Fittings
  • Radome Latches