Door Latching Systems

Innovation meets reliability when it comes to our door latching systems. Our door latching systems are a testament to decades of engineering excellence. Whether it's securing cabin doors or cargo compartments, our latching systems offer the perfect blend of strength and precision, ensuring that doors stay firmly closed during flight while enabling swift and effortless access when needed. 


the industry leader

Our cutting-edge technology, unmatched expertise and commitment to safety have made us the industry leader in door latching systems.

Door Latching PRODUCTS

  • Passenger Door Latch Systems 

  • Cargo Compartment Latches 


Passenger Door Latch Systems

Customized for aircraft like the SH-60, S-70, and Bell 525, these passenger door latch systems employ various latching mechanisms, including hooks or bolts with locking options. Designed for larger sliding doors, they ensure secure and convenient access for passengers.

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Cargo Compartment Latches

These latches come with or without locks, offering the convenience of a single key code for all lock locations. They ensure doors remain securely closed during flight, even in harsh conditions. Whether on large freighter aircraft or executive planes, these latches provide reliable, dual-side operation.

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