Touchfree™ Aircraft Lavatory Products

Experience the next generation of aircraft lavatory hygiene with our innovative Touchfree products. Our cutting-edge solutions eliminate manual contact with surfaces, reducing the spread of germs and providing a more comfortable experience for passengers and crew.


Efficient & Robust

The Most Efficient and Robust Product Solutions.


Touchfree™ Products

  • Touchfree™ Faucet 

  • Touchfree™ Waste Flap 

  • Touchfree™ Flush Switch  



Touchfree™ Faucet

Our touchless faucet boasts precise, infrared sensing, meticulously tuned to match each lavatory configuration, ensuring a seamless, hands-free experience for every passenger. Whether wall-mounted or deck-mounted, our design adapts effortlessly to replace existing electronic or mechanical faucets, making it the epitome of adaptability and innovation in aerospace hygiene.

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Touchfree™ Waste Flap

Equipped with proprietary sensor technology, our Touchfree™ Waste Flap is engineered for ultimate reliability. Versatile in design, it seamlessly fits on countertops or the side of the vanity, ensuring both form and function. Safety is paramount, which is why our unit boasts fire containment capabilities, ensuring the highest level of protection for all onboard.

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Touchfree™ Flush Switch

Engineered with precision and powered by cutting-edge infrared technology, this innovative flush switch ensures a seamless experience. No more touching buttons or levers – just a simple, touchless wave to make things flow smoothly. Even in the rare event of an electronic glitch, our manual override feature ensures that you're never left high and dry.

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