Adams Rite Aerospace Products

At Adams Rite Aerospace, we specialize in engineering the future of aerospace technology with a diverse selection of innovative products. Our portfolio includes cutting-edge solutions, each designed to enhance performance and safety in aircraft. Renowned for our precision engineering and reliability, our products are trusted by leading aerospace manufacturers worldwide. 


Pushing the Boundaries

Adams Rite Aerospace is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of modern aviation.

Adams Rite Product Categories

  • Cockpit Security Systems 
  • Door Latching Systems 
  • Flight Controls 
  • Fluid Control and Water Systems 
  • Interior and Exterior Hardware 
  • Oxygen Tanks, Masks and Regulators 
  • Touchfree™ Aircraft Lavatory Products 




Cutting-Edge Design and Engineering

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge design and engineering. Our products are a result of relentless innovation, blending advanced technology with unparalleled expertise. We focus on creating solutions that are not only effective but elegantly designed, combining form and function.

Innovation in Aerospace

Our approach is to anticipate the future needs of aviation and meet them with groundbreaking solutions. From enhancing safety features to improving environmental sustainability, our products are designed to address the challenges of modern aviation while setting new benchmarks for innovation and quality.

PRODUCT Features 

Unmatched Reliability

Our products are synonymous with reliability. Engineered to perform in the most demanding environments, they are rigorously tested to ensure consistent, long-lasting performance. This unwavering reliability is a cornerstone of our design philosophy.

Enhanced Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in the aerospace industry, and at Adams Rite Aerospace, it is a top priority. Our products are designed with the latest safety features and are compliant with the highest industry standards. We integrate advanced safety technologies to protect both equipment and personnel.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our products are developed with eco-friendly practices in mind, aiming to reduce environmental impact without compromising on performance. We focus on energy-efficient designs and materials that contribute to a greener future, demonstrating our dedication to ecological responsibility in the aerospace industry.

Cost Efficient

Adams Rite Aerospace products are designed to balance performance with cost-efficiency. We achieve this through innovative design, material selection, and manufacturing processes that reduce overall costs while maintaining the high-quality standards expected in the aerospace industry.

Our Products

Cockpit Security Systems

Designed to offer the highest level of protection and access control, our cockpit security systems combine advanced technology with robust materials to ensure secure and reliable cockpit operations.

Door Latching Systems

Our door latching systems epitomize precision and durability and are engineered for ease of use and reliability, providing peace of mind with their robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms.

Flight Controls

Offering unmatched precision and responsiveness, these products embody our commitment to advancing flight control technology for enhanced pilot control and aircraft performance. 

Faucet Assembly
Fluid Control & Water Systems

From advanced faucet systems to sophisticated shower systems, our products are tailored to enhance the functionality and comfort of aircraft water systems, while adhering to the stringent standards of commercial and military aviation. 

Interior & Exterior Hardware

Every hardware component is engineered with the utmost precision and attention to detail, ensuring that they not only enhance the aircraft's aesthetic but also provide exceptional functionality and security.

Oxygen Tanks & Regulators

Our products include advanced oxygen tanks and regulators meticulously designed to offer superior performance and ease of use, ensuring that they can be depended on in the most demanding commercial and military environments. 

Touchfree™ Aircraft Lavatory Products 

Adams Rite Aerospace's Touchfree™ Aircraft Lavatory Products bring a new level of hygiene and convenience to air travel, offering passengers and crew a completely touchless experience.