Flight Controls

Our comprehensive range of aviation controls, including throttle quadrants, speed brakes, flap and spoiler controls, and control grips and yokes, is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the aviation industry. Whether you're in commercial, military, or executive aviation, our flight control solutions are designed for precision, reliability, and pilot comfort. Explore our advanced flight control offerings, known for their exceptional performance and safety features.


High-Performance Flight Control Systems

Flight Control Products

  • Throttle Quadrants 

  • Speed Brakes 

  • Flap & Spoiler Controls 

  • Control Grips & Yokes 



Throttle Quadrants

Experience aviation history with our throttle quadrants. Decades of design expertise, from the F-86 to modern executive aircraft, ensure custom, high-performance solutions for your throttle control needs.

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Speed Brakes

These speed brakes, electrically interlocked through the landing gear, ensure a seamless transition for pilots with servo actuators that precisely deploy speed brakes upon touchdown, offering a locked actuator and preventing manual overrides.

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Flap & Spoiler Controls

From mechanical to fly-by-wire, our flap and spoiler controls put you in complete command. With designs tailored for various aircraft, including our innovative fly-by-wire solutions for Learjet, these controls ensure precise deployment and retraction of flaps and spoilers, featuring gated cams for meticulous flight control settings.

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Control Grips & Yokes

Our electro-mechanical control grips and yokes ensure top-flight performance, offering rapid and precise response to every action. With a legacy of over 50 years in designing aircraft control wheels, our expertise shines through our advanced solutions used in aircraft like the U-2, C-130, and more.

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