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We specialize in providing cutting-edge oxygen tank and regulator systems designed for military and commercial applications. Our dedication to engineering excellence and reliability ensures the highest quality equipment, tailored to the unique demands of defense and security operations. From oxygen storage to regulation, our solutions are trusted worldwide.


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Comprehensive Oxygen Support

Our commitment to engineering excellence and reliability shines through every aspect of our oxygen systems. We offer a complete range of solutions tailored to both military and commercial organizations worldwide. These life-sustaining systems are crucial for ensuring safety and success.

Global Trust

The trust military and commercial organizations worldwide place in our products speaks volumes about their performance and reliability. Adams Rite Aerospace is proud to provide the life support equipment that ensures military personnel can operate with confidence and safety in the most challenging and high-stress environments.


Oxygen System Products

Oxygen Tanks

Our portable oxygen cylinders are lightweight and customizable with automatic altitude compensation and different outlet options. Additionally, our fixed oxygen supply cylinders ensure safe and essential breathing oxygen for aircraft crews at prescribed pressures and flows.


Control Panels

The Oxygen Control Panel is designed to provide oxygen system control to the passenger cabin and is operative by means of either automatic or manual control. In the event of cabin depressurization, the oxygen control panel surge system becomes immediately operative to provide an initial surge of oxygen pressure followed by a continuous oxygen flow into the passenger cabin. In addition, a surge piston regulator restricts oxygen flow during power-up of the aircraft.


Oxygen Regulators

Our regulators cover a wide range of applications, from commercial to military and executive aviation. They offer altitude compensation and automatic dilution control to optimize oxygen use and maintain high reliability with minimal maintenance requirements.


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Oxygen Tanks, Masks & Regulators

Oxygen Tanks, Masks & Regulators