Fullerton, CA –  Adams Rite announced today that they are bringing a suite of Touchfree™ lavatory products to market to address passenger concerns aboout COVID-19.  In their recent consumer research study, travelers expressed their concerns about air travel and the cleanliness of aircraft lavatories.  Currently, 76% of passengers indicated that they are unlikely to fly today, 39% are unlikely to fly within 6 months and 15% are unlikely to even fly within the next year.

Passengers expressed a heightened concern over the cleanliness of aircraft lavatories.  Sixty-four percent said they are less likely to use the lavatory now due to the pandemic.  In fact, 53% of passengers avoid the restroom altogether and say that it is not clean.  According to Jonathan Herr, Business Unit Manager at Adams Rite, “airline passengers expressed concerns about touching just about anything in the lavoratory and view contactless lavatories positively alongside other solutions such as hand sanitizer, wearing masks, social distancing and air filitration.“

The most interesting finding for airline customers may be that incorporating Touchfree™ products into Aircraft lavatories can help airlines increase bookings.  A whopping 61% of travelers indicated that they are more likely to book a flight with a carrier who has a Touchfree™ lavatory and 45% of travelers are willing to pay 5-10% more to fly on a carrier with a Touchfree™ lavatory.

”For over 80 years Adams Rite has brought innovation to the Aerospace industry.  Our team has been working over the past year to understand each customers‘ unique needs and drive new concepts to upgrade aircraft lavatories to TouchfreeTM.   As our products evolve, we strive to achieve continuous improvements in reliability, weight, and cost“,  says Nera-Lee Herzig-Patel, Business Unit Manager at Adams Rite.

Adams Rite is finalizing its lineup of airline, integrator and OEM partners.   Please visit to contact our team of experts to help you get passengers back in the air as soon as possible!

About Adams Rite Aerospace (ARA)

Adams Rite Aerospace is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-engineered flight controls, hardware, security, latching, oxygen, lavatory components and fluid control systems for the aerospace industry.   We deploy state of the art technology with a  team of highly skilled engineers dedicated to providing our customers with safe and innovative solutions.