Innovation is part of our Company DNA

At our core, we are a design company.  We are expert at highly-engineered, customized products specific to a customer application.  We are quick to interpret specifications and employ rapid prototyping to allow us to serve you faster than our competition. We are passionate about what we do and go beyond “just” meeting the requirements.  We give you the best solutions in terms of space, weight, and customization.  Our design experience in meeting the needs of the commercial aircraft market, the executive aircraft market and even the military market has always proved beneficial in the development of new concepts from both an operational and aesthetics standpoint.

Concurrent Engineering
Adams Rite believes in a concurrent engineering process. We utilize small teams of highly skilled, exceedingly experienced engineers and machinists to design, prototype and adjust simultaneously. This allows us to develop and manufacture high-quality solutions quickly and efficiently.

Collaborative Problem-Solving
Our unique and fully collaborative problem-solving process–drawing experience, insight and input from every level and functional group within the organization–uniquely positions Adams Rite to handle complex design problems with lightning speed.

Our Long History of Innovation

Innovation is part of our company DNA.  We have been first to market in a number of breakthrough innovations in aircraft cabin interiors. We designed and manufactured the first infrared faucet, the first mechanically-timed faucet, the first compact shower systems, the first suite of Touchfree™ lavatory products, and the first hardened cockpit security doors after the events of 9/11/2001. Along the way we have introduced many “firsts” through the experience we gained and the knowledge we gathered as requirements changed.

We have always been the innovative leader in this market with many notable accomplishments including these “firsts”:

1st Hardened Cockpit Security Doors

The 1st Touchfree ™ Lavatory Product Suite

1st Infrared Faucet specifically designed for Aircraft

1st Mechanically Timed Aircraft Faucet

1st Faucet designed specifically for Aircraft

1st Electronic Faucet specifically designed for Aircraft

1st Self-Rinsing/Draining Features

1st Water Conservation Feature