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Sliding Passenger Door Latch Systems

While the majority of our latches are used on swinging doors, we do have customers requiring the use of sliding doors. Our current systems used on sliding doors can be found on the SH-60, the S-70 and the new Bell 525. Each is customized to the application.

Latching can be in the form of a hook or bolt activated by a lever or D-ring. Locking latches are available and we do provide locksets that allow customers to key all secure doors with the same code.

Security – Our over-center locked position ensures the doors will not inadvertently open in flight.

Adjustability – Aircraft door rigging can be time consuming both in production and in operation. Our designs ensure rapid system rigging for the OEM and easy door operation for operators.

This is typically a complex, multi-point system (due to door size) that must accommodate the geometry of the door and allow for windows. Our systems allow for one or two internal door handles for the passengers to use for locking the door and opening the door from inside the aircraft. These are synchronized to each other and the outside handles and linked to the bolting points by actuation rods and bell cranks.

The system must allow fore and aft movement of the door when open as well as translational movement for the initial phase of locking or unlocking. The system must be able to draw the door inward to the aircraft when closing. This change in direction from fore and aft to inward and outward is when the system must engage mating points, draw the door inward, compress a seal and secure the door.