Secure and Reliable

Cargo compartment latches on helicopters are very similar to the designs we use on fixed wing aircraft.  They need to be strong, aerodynamic and attractive (in the case of executive helicopters). We produce both designs with or without locks. For locking latches, we can provide locksets that allow customers to use one key code for all lock locations.

Security – Ensure external doors cannot inadvertently open in flight.
Reliability – Our designs endure the harshest environments, vibration and high loads and our customers can be assured of a long lasting product.

Our cargo compartment latches used on large freighter aircraft are typically located on the internal cargo barrier. Our systems include dual side operation and allow crew to enter the cargo compartment during flight. Seal compression on some systems requires high force, which our designs accommodate through use of a planetary gear system thus easily allowing crew members to operate the system.

Our auxiliary baggage door latch used on executive aircraft operates in a similar manner. It provides inflight access to the baggage area that seals the cabin from the cargo area. In this design, the initial movement of our latch induces pressure equalization to allow easy door operation that would otherwise not be possible.
Locking latches are available and we do provide locksets that allow customers to key all secure doors with the same code.

The Adams Rite Advantage

Security – Our over-center locked position ensures the doors will not inadvertently open in flight.

Adjustability – Aircraft door rigging can be time consuming both in production and in operation. Our designs ensure rapid system rigging for the OEM and easy door operation for operators.