The Adams Rite touchless electronic door system enhances the passenger experience .

The Adams Rite Aerospace touchless electronic door system allows the passenger to lock and unlock the lavatory door without having to touch it. Our best-in-class solenoid technology allows for a reliable door latching system. Proprietary software prevents accidental opening/closing of the locking mechanism while allowing for flight attendant emergency mechanical override.

The Adams Rite Advantage
The proprietary technology in our touchless electronic door system will drive best in class performance and reliability.

Safer & Cleaner

High Reliability

Cost Efficient

Lightweight Design

Product Features

  • Cross platform compatible with Boeing and Airbus
  • Reliability (MTBUR): >40K Flight Hours
  • Power: 25W
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Patent Pending


Touchfree™ Electronic Door System Datasheet

Touchfree™ Lavatory Product Suite Brochure