Our patent pending lightweight design and reduced complexity allow our faucet to deliver more reliable and robust performance than other manufacturers.

Our touchless faucet offers the industry’s latest sensor technology specifically for aviation applications. The proprietary, in-house design delivers the highest quality and robust detection in the market.   The faucet’s precise, infrared sensing is tuned for each lavatory configuration, giving every passenger a reliable, hands-free experience every time. The wall-mounted or deck mounted design can adapt to replace an existing electronic or mechanical faucet in the lavatory.

Touchfree™ Faucet Receives Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)
Adams Rite Aerospace awarded first contract for new Touchfree™ Aircraft Lavatory Product Suite

Since the 1970s, Adams Rite Aerospace has been the leader in aerospace faucet technology. Our sensors have evolved over the years into well-tuned, discreet component packages that specifically suit the lavatory application. Our next-generation Touchfree™ faucet, which reliably activates every time, is designed to minimize false activations and provide efficient use of water onboard the aircraft

Safer & Cleaner

High Reliability

Cost Efficient

Lightweight Design

Product Features

  • Cross platform compatible with Boeing and Airbus
  • Reliability (MTBUR): 60K+ Flight Hours
  • Power: 7W
  • Available in wall-mount and deck-mount
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Available in various finish types
  • Patent Pending


Touchfree™ Faucet Product Datasheet

Touchfree™ Lavatory Product Suite Brochure