Give your passengers a more hygienic lavatory experience with our touchless waste flap.

Passengers don’t want to touch the waste flap in the lavatory.  Enhance the flight experience by protecting your passengers using our  touchless waste flap.  Our unit includes proprietary sensor technology that makes it ultra-reliable.  It is compatible to use on the counter top or the side of the vanity, will seal for fire containment and can also work mechanically in the event of electronic failure.  Compatible for use on the counter top or the side of the vanity.  Will also seal for fire containment.


Adams Rite Aerospace awarded contract for new Touchfree™ Aircraft Lavatory Waste Flap

The Adams Rite Advantage
Since the 1970s, Adams Rite Aerospace has been the leader in aerospace faucet technology.   Now we bring that same quality and innovation to address the needs of a changed aviation marketplace.  Our touchless waste flap addresses the needs of passengers as well as airline operators.

Safer & Cleaner

High Reliability

Cost Efficient

Lightweight Design

Product Features

  • Cross platform compatible with Boeing and Airbus
  • Reliability (MTBUR): >60K Flight Hours
  • Power Consumption 30W
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Patent Pending


Touchfree™ Waste Flap Datasheet

Touchfree™ Lavatory Product Suite Brochure