Cockpit Door Locking Systems

Our illustrious track record in the aviation industry is highlighted by our robust cockpit door systems which have protected over 45,000 aircrafts – a feat that is unrivaled. When you opt for Adams Rite Aerospace, you’re making a choice rooted in trust and a tradition of unwavering excellence in aviation security solutions.


The industry standard in cockpit door locking systems for commercial aircraft and business/regional jets.


  • A deadbolt feature in the Reinforced Cockpit Door Lock (RCDL) 

  • Increased bolt extension/travel on RCDL improves catch engagement 

  • Electro-Mechanical Door Latch (EMDL) designed to eliminate accidental lockout from the cockpit 

  • Door open/closed indication signal generated by bolt/catch engagement rather than door position provides positive indication of cockpit door security 

  • Electro-Mechanical Door Latch (EMDL) designed to eliminate accidental lockout from the cockpit 




Our unparalleled expertise is rooted in the production of more than 45,000 cockpit door systems. This experience has not only set us apart but has also made us the go-to choice for aviation security solutions. When you choose to collaborate with us, you're selecting a partner with an exceptional track record in aviation security.


Our cockpit door locking systems offer the ultimate assurance of safety and security. When it comes to protecting passengers and crew members during air travel, our systems ensure the highest level of aviation security for your aircraft and passengers.


Cockpit Door Locking System Benefits/Applications


Our cockpit door locking systems go beyond mere security; they epitomize safety, designed with cutting-edge features to ensure the utmost protection and peace of mind for passengers and crew members.


Security is at the core of our cockpit door locking systems. With robust construction, advanced technology, and rigorous testing, we provide an unparalleled level of security that safeguards against unauthorized access and intrusion.


Our cockpit door locking systems are designed with customization in mind. Whether it's adapting to different aircraft models or meeting unique security requirements, our systems offer a high degree of flexibility, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into various aviation environments.


With a rich history spanning decades, our cockpit door locking systems boast an impeccable pedigree of performance and reliability. We have excelled in aviation security solutions, consistently setting the industry standard for cockpit security.


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