Cockpit Door Modules

With a relentless commitment to innovation, our journey in cockpit security systems has evolved from a solenoid-driven locking latch to the cutting-edge comprehensive cockpit security solutions we provide today. Across the aviation landscape, we are synonymous with excellence, setting the benchmark for safety and peace of mind within the aviation industry.

Custom engineering

Custom engineering paired with impressive strength leads to unmatched cockpit security systems.

Cockpit Door Module Features

  • Door bolting system 

  • Decompression deceleration device 

  • Bullet proof flap release mechanism 

  • Door damper 


A Complete Solution

Starting with the fundamental concept of a solenoid-driven locking latch, we have expanded our offerings to encompass complete cockpit security systems. The evolution of our products showcases our ability to adapt to the changing landscape of aviation security.

The Benchmark for Aviation Security

Over the years, our continuous efforts have established us as the benchmark for aviation security systems, ensuring the highest standards of safety and control within aircraft cockpits. Our products are a testament to our dedication to enhancing air travel and bolstering confidence in the aviation industry's security practices.


Cockpit Door Modules Benefits/Applications

Bullet Proof

Enhancing cockpit security to the highest levels, our bulletproof cockpit door modules provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring the safety of flight crews and passengers.

Intrusion Proof

Our intrusion-proof cockpit door modules are designed with cutting-edge technology to prevent unauthorized access, providing peace of mind for flight crews and passengers alike.

Decompression Sensing

Our cockpit door modules are equipped with decompression sensing capabilities, ensuring the safety of the aircraft's cabin and cockpit in the event of sudden pressure changes, and demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of security and functionality.

Remote Access

Our cockpit door modules offer advanced remote access features, providing airlines and flight crews with enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, further reinforcing the safety and security of the cockpit.

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